Breathe in Nature

6 opportunities to get out in Nature and Breathe

Get in Nature

There are few things more healing than time spent in nature.



Get in touch with your breath and learn new was to bring balance to your nervous system.



Each Month our special guests offer new opportunities to learn new and helpful things.


Breathe in Nature

It’s time to pull out those hiking shoes because we’re going for a walk. On the 2nd Sunday of the month April - September you have an opportunity to bathe in the rejuvenating power of the trees and enjoy the breeze coming off our surrounding waters amongst experts in their field and friends coming together to connect and replenish their souls. 


During our time together you can expect to…

  • Enjoy the beauty of our area 
  • Breathe in the fresh air
  • Meet new friends 
  • Connect with old friends 
  • Learn something new
  • Get into the serenity of nature and breathe 

Breathing, walking, and the healing benefits of nature, are a winning combination for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


We are living in an age of chaos, more online and disconnected than ever before. We are losing our minds, our bodies hurt, and our spirit is flat. Connect with others in this monthly hike series as we explore, connect and breathe together. 


What to expect:

  • A featured guest to share their expertise and help guide us through the day
  • Simple, effective breathing practices
  • Warm-up and cool down standing stretches
  • Time to chat in nature
  • Time to be silent and drink in the energy of our surroundings
  • Walk away grounded, energized, and content


Learn from a Local Leader!

In addition to the monthly breathwork paired with time spent in nature, I have invited some friends to share their expertise to enhance the experience and help make each monthly adventure as unique and fun as the one before. 


Below is the schedule and guest. Included is the time of the meet-up. Each month we will send out more information that pertains to the guest and what you need to bring. Carpool opportunities are available as many places have limited parking.


Each session will last roughly between 3-4 hours plus travel time. 


2nd Sunday, April - September 


  • April 10th - Alissa Allen- Foraging (Nettle Soup, Cottonwood Salve, and More!) - Flaming Geyser State Park - 9am start
  • May 15th (3rd because of Mothers Day) - Jill Mattern - full moon sunset gong bath - Undisclosed Location along the I-90 corridor. 7pm start
  • June 12th - Matt Brashers - Photography in Nature - learn tips and tricks from a pro - Cougar Mountain - 8am start
  • July 10th - Jessica Winters - Nature Journaling - Lake Desire State Park - 8am start
  • July 10th - Jill Mattern - Outdoor Gong Bath and fundraising for Rescue Freedom - 10am - Middle Fork Snoqualmie Region- Last minute fill-in.
  • August 14th - Lynar Deluca - Glacier dip -Mt. Rainier, Nache Loop Trail - 7am start
  • September 11th - Variety Pack! A hike to Mason Lake where we put all the adventures together!


Each adventure is $99. This covers the breathwork session and featured expert, plus materials.


***We are not guides. You are not paying for the hike or for any time spent on state and national parks. The fee is strictly for the instructor's knowledge and preparation.***


Variety Pack!

  • Sunday, September 11th -8am- Mason Lake

The final adventure out will be a 6.5 mile hike to the stunning Mason Lake. This hike will be a variety of insights from all of our guests. 

We will...

  • Explore the forest floor in search of mushrooms this time! 
  • Include a music element to resonant our souls to each other and the scenery
  • Pull out our phones and capture the day with beautiful photos
  • Spend time in the silent meditation of our breath
  • Use alone time to journal and explore
  • Take an optional dip under the warm autumn sun

This variety pack is perfect for those who want a sample of all the great adventures.

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Mary Clymer

  • All 6 Adventures, April 10, May 15, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11


Breathwork will be a part of each adventure. Each breath practice will be paired to match the event of the day and aimed at finding balance within your nervous system helping you to connect fully to your surroundings the events of the day. Mary will also be the point person for the series. All questions and concerns should be brought to her attention. 

Mary has been a community organizer her entire life. From local campaigns to citywide art shows and outdoor adventures. Mary loves bringing people together. She loves to connect people with opportunities that have the potential to guide them towards a greater understanding of self. She is a 200-hour YTT certified yoga teacher and Breath Coach. Specializing in working with people, organizations, and groups interested in self-reflection and growth. 

See what you've been missing.

Below are the amazing adventures that have already passed. But check out who was involved and all the amazing things they do.

Alissa Allen

  • Sunday, April 10th -9am- Flaming Geyser State 

Foraging (Nettle Soup, Cottonwood Salve, and More!)

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to take a foraging class led by Alissa Allen.  If you have had any desire to learn more about the world of foraging this is a good place to start.  From Nettles to cottonwood there is so much to explore. 

Although her teachings are centered around regional fungal dye palettes, her overall mission is to inspire people to engage more deeply with nature. It is her hope that with engagement, commitment to care for our planet will grow exponentially.

Matt Brashears

  • June 12th - 8am - Cougar Mountain

Photography in Nature - learn tips and tricks from a pro

This nature walk through Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlands is a great place to focus on the small things we find in the forest. Matt will guide you to experiment with your own iPhone to discover tips and tricks to make things look and feel more professional.

Matt is a photographer specializing in public relations. He loves taking editorial and family photography with a candid, photojournalistic approach. 

When Matt isn’t performing his duties as an awesome stay-at-home Dad, he’s doing PR events, corporate storytelling, news assignments and family life events, such as weddings, birthdays, children's activities, and portrait sessions.

Jill Mattern

  • July 10th - 10am - Middle Fork Snoqualmie Region
  • May 15th - 7pm - Undisclosed Location on the I-90 corridor

Outdoor Gong Bath

Jill is stepping up last minute for us so we are helping her reach her goal of Fundraising for Rescue Freedom

Rescue: Freedom is actively fighting slavery throughout their global network of Local Partners, organizations and experts fighting sexual slavery in their community.  Each day they prevent trafficking, rescue victims, and guide survivors on a path towards restoration across 29 countries.  The difference between freedom and slavery looks different in every city, and, with your support, we can continue to empower a global network of local experts who are ending human trafficking.

 On July 29, Jill will be joining a group of people on a 20+ mile trek through the Enchantments.  They will be doing something they love, to help fight something they hate. 

When you participate in this event $75 of your fee will go directly to help Jill hit her goal. 

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Jessica Winters

  • July 10th - 8am - Lake Desire State Park 

Canceled. Feel better Jessica!

Nature Journaling

Deepen your connection to nature through collecting and organizing your observations, questions, and connections. Discover and develop your own creative and playful mind as you integrate new information about your surroundings and train your mind to recognize the wonder and beauty all around you. 

Certified as a Wilderness First Responder through NOLS combined with over 15 years of hiking and traveling through the wilderness, Jessica is an experienced leader when it comes to the backcountry. She will certainly inspire you to get outside while observing Leave No Trace outdoor wilderness ethics.

Lynar DeLuca

  • August 14th - 8am - Mt. Rainier

 Glacier Dip - Naches Loop Trail to Dewey Lake

This 6-mile hike will be the longest of the summer. The Naches Loop offers stunning panoramic views of the mountain. The steepest and less traveled part of this adventure is in the descent down to Dewey Lake. Once at the lake we will do breathwork to prepare for the exhilarating dip, then climb back to the main trail to finish the loop in the warm August sun.

Lynar is a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach who has a passion for cold exposure and sharing it’s incredible benefits with other people. She has been practicing cold dip since moving to Washington almost 15 years ago and has been practicing breathwork for 5 years. 

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